Leadership Seminars

Our leadership seminars are designed to help middle and high school students develop their leadership skills and apply them in order to be more effective and impactful leaders in their school and community. Each seminar, we invite established, well-spoken, and inspiring speakers to share their stories and advice to our attendees. Students and parents are shown how to make a positive impact in their community. In December 2014, we invited former CNN news anchor and founder of Who’s Who in Asian American Communities Sachi Koto to speak to ASLA participants. Aside from Sachi, Andy Zhang, Harvard graduate, and Willy Xiao, current Harvard undergraduate, shared their experiences on leadership development. We had over 300 students and parents attend the seminar, learning how to impact our community.

Leadership Workshops

These are one-day leadership programs for middle and high school students. This program is normally limited to about 30 participants and focuses on leadership as a discipline to be explored and learned. Leadership topics are covered via group seminar, team discussions, and hands-on activities. In May 2015, we invited Dr. Michael Hester, a professor and dean of Honors College at the University of West Georgia, who received his Ph.D. at Georgia State University in the field of Communication. During the workshop, Dr. Hester engaged with students in interactive activities, giving them an idea of what leadership is and pushing them to discover their own passions and strengths, where they can use their leadership to impact most effectively.

Leadership Workshop 2


ASLA mentorship is a program in which an ASLA student member identifies their needs to a mentor that they connect with, whether this mentor be an accomplished high school student leader or corporate leader. Meetings are flexible in time and manner. Meetings can be over coffee, the Internet, or in person for 30 minutes a month. In these meetings, the mentor gives advice and helps the mentee set up leadership goals and accomplish them.


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