About Us


What is ASLA?

The  Association of Student Leaders in Action  (ASLA) is an IRS approved 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to work together to inspire and motivate middle and high school students to develop leadership skills and to serve the communities.

What Do We Strive For?

Vision and Mission

We envision a world in which students are leaders in serving and making positive influences to the communities!

Our mission is to develop more student leaders to lead the world in the future.

Leadership Positions

Founders and Presidents:

Grace Chen & Raymond Qin

Vice Presidents:

Henry Xuan, Jesse Chen, Sudhan Chitgopkar


Henry Xuan, Jesse Chen, Sudhan Chitgopkar

Leadership Functions

Brian Hu – President, Events and Community Services

Amy Rhee – President, Sponsorship and Treasurer

Grace Chen – Vice President. Community Services

Raymond Qin – Vice President, Director of Programs

Sudhan Chitgopkar – Director of Membership

Henry Chao – Director of Programs

Jesse Chen – Director of Technology

Kevin Li
Director, Website

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